The changing landscape?

Sometime I really don’t understand people. Earlier I read a comment from a labour supporter regarding Theresa May’s announcement that she wants to ensure employees sit on company boards. The comment suggested that the conservative party lurching to the centre ground would be the worst thing to happen.

This really confused me. Why would someone of the centre left political persuasion think that a centrist government would be worse than a far right one? I think his argument was that it would make the tories more likely to win, which is an argument I disagree with. But even further than that, it seemed that he felt the tribal lines of party politics were more important than the policies being enacted by the government.of course I would prefer a Labour government,  but there won’t be an election until 2020, right now we need to be an effective opposition and pulling the tories to the left into the centre ground is positive for the country. 

I genuinely believe that Corbyn is the best chance we have at winning the next election. I think Theresa May thinks that too. Why else would she be running her leadership campaign based on idea put forward by Ed Miliband at the last election?  She sees his electability and despite being on the right, neoliberal, side of her party she is trying to put forward a centrist, one nation conservatism vision. I know I’d much rather have 4 years of that than 4 years of far right neoliberalism. 

Thatcher reportedly claimed her biggest achievement was Blair and New Labour, she realised that the having a right and a centre party would suit her better in the long run. When the tories were in they could push the real right wing ideas, and when they weren’t they could fight against the few slightly left ideas but embrace the centre right ideas that their opponents put forward.

After 2020, with Corbyn in leadership we could have a left wing government with a centrist opposition. Surely that is a win? Surely that is better than a centrist government with a right wing opposition? And flip them around, what looks better if we lose, a centrist government with a left wing opposition or a right wing government with a centrist opposition? I know which I would prefer.

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