Thoughts on the EU

The other day I was asked for my views on the referendum. Below is a quick reponse:

On the question of the referendum I’d say I’m in favour of staying in. There are tons of reasons, 1 in 10 British jobs is directly dependent on our EU membership, the EU takes around half our exports, the green laws the EU pass have cleaned up Britain no end – just look at the sea in Blackpool these days compared to when we were kids. I lime the freedoms of travel and the fact that I could go work in any number of countries with no trouble. The fact that the EU have ensured we have equal pay for women and outlawed sexism and other discrimination in workplaces.  working time and other directives to ensure fair workplaces. The majority of scientific research that happens in the UK is funded directly from the European parliament, grants that would otherwise go to Russian or French or German (etc) universities.

Plus there’s a combined approach to policing,  the European arrest warrant etc meaning that career criminals can’t go live on the Costa del sol with their ill gotten gains when they get police heat, which is something that happened a lot in the 70s and 80 and 90s. This combined approach works elsewhere, on a diplomatic level the EU has much more power than the. UK would alone. This 3 tends to trade deals and other deals that benefit British consumers keeping prices down. The EU works hard along side the UN to bring peace and democracy to many nations. Plus the EU has taken on multinational companies but alone Britain would be far too reliant on them to curb their power.

I’ve yet to hear a strong argument for leaving, in fact I’ve not heard one yet that doesn’t boil down to “but I don’t want eastern Europeans living next door”, or “but turkey are looking to.join the EU and Turkey is full of muslims”. Neither of which seems a good argument for losing the benefits listed above!

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